Premium Plan KaliNFC




The Premium Plan KaliNFC is our advanced offering, tailored for businesses that require comprehensive NFC certification capabilities coupled with enhanced features. For just €42 a month, this plan represents a strategic investment in top-tier asset security and management.

Enjoy a reduced cost per NFC of only €1.60, combining affordability with the high quality of our NFC technology. The plan includes all the foundational elements of the Basic Subscription, ensuring you have access to our core NFC features and services.

Elevate your asset management with detailed Analytics and Reports, a feature that provides valuable insights into your NFC usage and certification processes. API Integration is a key component of this plan, facilitating seamless integration of our services with your existing systems for improved operational efficiency.

Custom Contract Kalichain is an exclusive feature of the Premium Plan, offering tailored certification solutions that align precisely with your specific business needs. To ensure you get the most out of your plan, Responsive Support is readily available, providing timely and expert assistance whenever you need it.

Call to Action: Opt for the Premium Plan KaliNFC to leverage advanced NFC certification solutions with enhanced analytics, integration, and support features. Contact us to explore how this plan can elevate your asset management strategy.


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