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Certification Reinvented by Kalicertif

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Secure the future of your assets with KALICERTIF: peace of mind within reach. Our innovative NFC chips and tamper-proof digital certificates on the blockchain protect your valuables with cutting-edge technology, ensuring authenticity and security. Join the digital certification revolution and stay ahead in protecting your assets.

Imagine a world

 where the truth of your documents and the reality of your goods are indisputable, thanks to cutting-edge technology. With Kalicertif, this world is within your reach. Embark on a new era of digital certification today.

Completely trustless

In an ecosystem where trust must be earned, Kalicertif eliminates the need for intermediaries. Our technology ensures that every transaction and certification is transparently and immutably recorded

Proven, tested system

Our platform has been rigorously tested to ensure flawless reliability. Each update is the result of a meticulous verification process, so you can rely on a service of consistent quality.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is at the heart of Kalicertif, offering unmatched security and transparency. Each certified document and object benefits from complete traceability and protection against falsification.

Global network

Kalicertif relies on a global network, enabling collaboration and verification on an international scale. Wherever you are, access our services and join a community committed to authenticity.

Endlessly scalable

Our infrastructure is designed to adapt and scale. No matter the growth of your business or the increase in your certification needs, Kalicertif is ready to expand with you.

How it Works

Each step of our process is designed to ensure the simplicity and efficiency of certifying your documents and objects.


Define - Begin by clearly defining the item or document you wish to certify. Our system guides you through a simple process to capture all the necessary information.


Connect - Link your item or document to our platform. We create a unique digital link that serves as a bridge between your physical asset and its secure digital representation.


Expand -Broaden the reach of your certification. With Kalicertif, you can securely share the certification of your items or documents, ensuring their authenticity is recognized everywhere.


Scale - Our platform scales with your needs. Whether you're managing a few items or an entire fleet, Kalicertif adapts to provide a certification solution that grows with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Kalicertif is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide authentication and certification services for documents and objects. It allows the creation of an indisputable digital proof of the authenticity of your assets.

Certification on Kalicertif is done in several steps: you define the item or document to be certified, connect it to our platform, and we create a secure digital record that can be easily shared and verified.

No, prior knowledge of blockchain is not necessary. Our platform is designed to be accessible and easy to use for everyone, with guides and customer support to assist you at every step.

Yes, Kalicertif certification is recognized globally thanks to the decentralized and transparent nature of the blockchain, which allows for international verification of authenticity.

Kalicertif is capable of certifying a wide range of documents and objects. If you have specific questions about the ability to certify a particular item, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

Kalicertif uses blockchain technology which ensures optimal security through its advanced cryptographic system. In addition, we apply strict security protocols for the protection of personal data and transactions.

To start using Kalicertif, simply create an account on our platform, follow the step-by-step certification process, and begin securing the authenticity of your assets today.

QR codes are often used for documents or products that require traceability, as they are easy to scan and integrate. On the other hand, NFC chips are intended to be used with valuable objects. The NFC chip offers a higher level of security: it is encrypted and designed to be tamper-proof, making it ideal for ensuring the authenticity and protection of high-value goods.

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Safe / Secure / Private

Authenticity Reinvented with Kalicertif

Embrace cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety and privacy of your assets. Our solutions based on QR codes and NFC chips offer robust protection, ensuring that every document or object is authenticated reliably and is tamper-proof. With Kalicertif, take control of the authenticity of your valuable goods in a digital environment where your privacy is our priority.