Object Certification with Kalichain

Kalicertif makes it possible to certify products and objects using blockchain! The tamper-proof nature of blockchain, combined with an NFC chip with a specific patent, offers an exceptional route to digitization and the creation of a digital vehicle registration document.

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What is Object Certification?

Authenticating an object is considered by many to be a pipe dream. Today, we're shattering the myth with a tamper-proof system that integrates blockchain technology into a patented NFC chip. This opens the door to the creation of a digital certificate that can enable exceptional traceability and offer authors remuneration on the secondary market.
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Why Use Blockchain for Object Certification?

Blockchain revolutionizes object certification, ensuring data immutability, enhancing transparency, and providing robust security. It enables transparent, unchangeable records for authenticity and history, reduces fraud and counterfeiting through cryptographic security, and streamlines certification processes. This global system supports digital ownership, facilitates international trade, and fosters innovation with new business models, significantly elevating trust and efficiency in verifying
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Kalichain: An Advanced Solution for Object Certification & Authentification

Kalichain stands at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology for the certification and authentication of objects and documents. Its approach combats fraud, simplifies the verification process, and provides a transparent record of authenticity and history. This innovative platform has the potential to significantly elevate trust, efficiency, and security across multiple sectors, making it a pivotal tool in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of a wide array of items. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, Kalichain's role in shaping the future of certification and authentication will undoubtedly expand, offering new possibilities for ensuring the genuineness of items in an increasingly digital and globalized world.
What we do for for authors

How we promote the work of artists and brands

Kalicertif, by leveraging blockchain technology for the certification and authentication of works, offers authors an innovative platform to secure their creations while opening new avenues for remuneration. Here's how authors can be compensated through Kalicertif:

Direct Sales and Copyrights

Kalicertif enables authors to certify their works as authentic and sell them directly to interested buyers. With blockchain certification, every transaction is transparently and securely recorded, ensuring authors receive direct payments without intermediaries. This approach reduces costs associated with third parties and increases authors' profits.

Royalties on Secondary Sales

A major advantage of blockchain is the ability to program smart contracts that automate royalty payments with each resale of a work. Thus, authors can continue to earn a percentage from secondary sales of their works, ensuring a continuous and passive income source. Kalicertif facilitates this functionality, strengthening creators' economic rights over the long term.

Authentication and Valuation of Works

Certification through Kalicertif increases buyers' trust in the authenticity of works, which can lead to an appreciation of authors' creations. Authenticated and traceable works are often sold at a higher price, translating into better compensation for authors.

Digital Markets and Sales Platforms

Kalicertif can integrate with digital marketplaces and sales platforms for art, music, literature, etc., offering authors access to wider audiences. Presence on these platforms, coupled with the certification of their works, allows authors to reach more potential buyers and maximize their revenues.

Control Over Distribution

Blockchain gives authors increased control over the distribution of their works. By using Kalicertif, they can restrict unauthorized reproduction and illegal sharing, ensuring any commercial use of their creations is duly compensated. This control helps to maintain the exclusivity of their works and support their market value.

Financial Transparency

With Kalicertif, every transaction related to a work is recorded on the blockchain, offering total transparency over financial flows. This transparency helps authors better manage their copyrights and ensure tracking of due payments, thus reducing the risks of disputes and non-payment.

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NFC Chips

Kalicertif NFC chips are tamper-proof. They use a near-field communication device with advanced security mechanisms to prevent tampering or unauthorized access, both physically and digitally. They are linked to the Kalichain blockchain for exceptional security and traceability.


With the growing adoption of blockchain technology in business processes, Kalichain positions itself as a key player in document certification. Its solution not only offers increased security and transparency, but it also simplifies the document management process, thus meeting the complex challenges of the digital age. Kalichain is not just a certification tool; it's a revolution in how we perceive and manage the truthfulness and compliance of documents.

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