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A variety of packages to suit all price points. Start with a trial and upgrade at any time. All core features included Enjoy full access to Kalicertif's essential tools from the start. A complete experience to ensure the authenticity of your assets with ease and precision.

All core features included

Multiple accounts

Manage multiple accounts under a single interface for simplified coordination and increased efficiency.

Distinct user levels

Assign specific roles and permissions for optimal organization and enhanced control.

Full admin access

Take total control with full admin access, allowing you to manage certification settings and security at your discretion.

Export anytime

The flexibility to export your certified data whenever you wish, ensuring total portability and accessibility.

Plans for Document Certifications

Lite Plan


Included Document Certification:

Premium Plan


per month

Enteprise Plan

Plans for NFC|b Certification

Lite Plan KaliNFC

99€ +20%

month (excl. VAT)

Premium Plan KaliNFC


month (excl. VAT)​

Entreprise Plan KaliNFC

Plans for KALICODE (QRcode and Certificat)

Lite Plan KaliCODE


month (excl. VAT)

Premium Plan KaliCODE


month (excl. VAT)​

Entreprise KaliCODE

Our approach

Results oriented

At Kalicertif, we are committed to providing tangible and measurable solutions. Our platform is designed to ensure the authenticity of your documents and objects with precision and efficiency. We are determined to offer you complete peace of mind through an advanced yet user-friendly certification technology. Join us and witness the Kalicertif difference for yourself.

All plans include

Personal Dashboard

A secure and dedicated space where you can manage and track the authenticity of your certified documents and objects in real time. A clear and intuitive interface for an optimal user experience.

Modern Designs

Our solutions incorporate cutting-edge designs, ensuring that your digital certificates are not only secure but also aesthetically pleasing and professional.

Marketing Package

Marketing tools designed to enhance your commitment to authenticity and security. Increase your visibility and strengthen your brand with high-quality promotional materials.

Branding Materials

We provide everything you need to promote your brand authentically, including customizable templates for your certified documents and objects.

Video Tutorials

Access a library of video tutorials to guide you through all the features of Kalicertif, allowing you to get the most out of our platform.

Live Support

Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and assist you in using Kalicertif, ensuring quick and efficient help at any time.

Trusted by

Using Kalicertif has been a game-changer for our company. The ease with which we can now authenticate our documents is incredible. It's simple, fast, and extremely reliable.

Sophie Durant
Marketing Director

The Kalicertif interface is so user-friendly that even our least tech-savvy staff have adopted it without any issues. It has transformed our management of certified documents.

Maxime Lefèvre
Operations Manager

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