Premium Plan KaliCODE




The Premium Plan KaliCODE is a robust and feature-rich option for businesses and individuals who require an extensive range of digital certification capabilities. At €50 per month, this plan provides exceptional value, offering up to 300 Dynamic KaliCODEs, catering to higher volume certification needs.

In addition to all the features available in the Basic Subscription, the Premium Plan introduces enhanced functionalities. The Analytics and Reports feature is a significant addition, offering detailed insights into your certification activities. This data-driven approach enables more informed decisions and efficient management of digital certifications.

API Integration is another pivotal feature, ensuring seamless integration of the KaliCODE system with your existing digital infrastructure. This integration streamlines processes, enhances user experience, and augments overall efficiency.

A standout feature of the Premium Plan is the Custom Contract Kalichain. This unique offering allows for tailor-made certification solutions, providing a higher degree of customization to meet specific business requirements.

Responsive Support is also a key aspect of this plan, ensuring that any queries or technical needs are addressed promptly and effectively by our expert team.


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